Do you have a blog for your business? A business blog is a great way to increase website traffic and showcase your business. But it also brings extra responsibilities. However, if you already outsource to a Virtual Assistant, this shouldn’t be a problem for you – as there are so many blog-related tasks you can hand over to your VA!

So if you have a business blog and would like to get those tasks off your task list and over to your Virtual Assistant, here are 10 to get you started.

#1: Hand over the writing of your business blog

Your blog doesn’t have to be written by you. Not all coaches, trainers and entrepreneurs have the available time or skills to write a blog post. Why not create an overview or make some voice notes of what you want your blog to be about? You can then hand it over to your VA to write on your behalf.

#2: Upload and optimise your blog content

If you prefer to write your own content, you can still get your Virtual Assistant to help out. It takes time to upload, source images, create internal and external links, as well as optimise each blog post once it’s written. And these are all tasks your VA can do for you.

#3: Keyword and blog research for your business blog

Researching blog post ideas for you is just one of the many tasks a Virtual Assistant can do in an hour or less. This can include searching for keywords on Google and Pinterest to uncover potential ideas and searching for potential content to link out and refer to in your blog post.

#4: Converting podcasts and videos to blog content

Don’t rule out a business blog if you’re more of a talker and prefer creating podcasts and videos. Your Virtual Assistant can take the transcription and turn that into a blog post for you!

#5: Adding links to blog posts

It’s often relatively easy to find links for a new blog post – and researching those links is something your VA can do for you too. But what about your old blog posts? It’s easy to forget about adding new links to old blog posts. This can help you provide a better reading experience for your website visitors, as all related blogs can be linked back to each other.

#6: A Virtual Assistant can help brainstorm ideas for your business blog

If ideas aren’t your strong point, or you’ve simply run out of ideas to use, why not get your VA involved? They can either brainstorm new ideas for you or act as a sounding board to discuss potential future ideas for your business blog.

#7: Create and manage your blog editorial calendar

Anyone who writes content will tell you; you need an editorial calendar. And it’s no different for your blog. This is the place to create a schedule of future blog posts and somewhere to track and monitor previous blogs. It’s an essential tool for your business blog, and it will save you a lot of time!

#8: Find guest blogging opportunities for your business blog

If you want to reach a bigger audience, you need to get into the habit of guest blogging. But coming up with places that accept guest blogs and ones right for you can be time-consuming. Again, hand this over to your Virtual Assistant. They can research potential blogging opportunities for you and find sites with the right audience.

#9: Repurpose your blog posts

Blog posts can be repurposed in a variety of different ways. Whether you want to republish them on sites like Medium or create social media posts from the content, it’s a great way to maximise your existing content. You can also set up automations to help repost old blogs, too – check out ‘How to get started using automation in your business’ for more help with this.

#10: Manage blog post comments

As your blog grows in popularity, so will the interactions. Blog post comments can often be full of spam and unwanted content. Your spam filter will take out the worst offenders, but you need to review the other comments. Your Virtual Assistant can help here. Let them go through and monitor your blog post comments for you. They can take out offending links, move spam comments to the bin and respond promptly to the genuine comments and questions on your posts.

Having a business blog is a great tool for business growth. And as the 10 suggestions show, you don’t need to manage those tasks and responsibilities yourself. It’s quite easy to hand many over to your Virtual Assistant. Not only does it help get tasks off your to-do list, but it’s also ensuring that essential tasks are handled promptly.

So if you’re looking for a Virtual Assistant to help you with your business blog, why not get in touch? Let’s have a chat about your blog and business and see how we can help get some of those tasks off your to-do list and outsourced, so you can free up your time and get you focused on those things that DO need your attention and focus. You’ll find our contact information here.