Are there tasks a Virtual Assistant can do in an hour or less? It isn’t a question you’d immediately think of when looking to work with a VA, but it is a smart one. Because it opens you up to new possibilities. Rather than worrying about the cost of paying a VA’s retainer package each month, you start to see how much they can get done in a smaller amount of time.

Because you’ll be surprised at what a Virtual Assistant can achieve in an hour!

As mentioned in my recent blog post: Why a monthly retainer package isn’t always a good idea, I actively encourage new clients to opt for an ad-hoc rate when they first work with me. It helps us both ease into working together and gets new clients comfortable working with a Virtual Assistant. Many are relieved that they can opt for as little as one hour a week if they like!

Tasks a Virtual Assistant can do in an hour or less

So if you’re wondering what exactly a Virtual Assistant can do in just an hour, here’s a list of ideas to get you started:

  1. Set daily, weekly and monthly reminders for essential tasks
  2. Unsubscribe you from junk emails and unwanted subscriptions
  3. Write a week’s worth of social media posts for your social media
  4. Schedule in your social media posts for the month
  5. Create and send an email campaign
  6. Find suitable venues for your next event
  7. Design a survey for customer feedback
  8. Create and send invoices
  9. Chase outstanding invoices
  10. Pay bills and transfer funds
  11. Scan, sort and input expense receipts
  12. Carry out some competitor research
  13. Proofread a report
  14. Type up minutes for your last meeting
  15. Set up your next meeting and send out invitations
  16. Research travel and accommodation details for your next business trip
  17. Convert Word documents to PDF
  18. Proofread and check links on your website
  19. Tidy out your email junk and archive old emails
  20. Set up some automated email templates and responses
  21. Upload your lead magnet and funnel emails
  22. Research blog post ideas for you
  23. Proofread, upload and schedule your next blogs
  24. Add internal and external links to your old blog posts
  25. Design an ebook or report cover
  26. Create pins of your blog posts for Pinterest
  27. Set up new social media accounts or a LinkedIn business page
  28. Uploading videos to your YouTube account
  29. Add contacts to your CRM database
  30. Transcribe 15-20 minutes of audio.

It may well surprise you to see what tasks a Virtual Assistant can do in an hour or less. But you’re used to working out that timescale based on how long it takes you to complete a task. A VA can focus on the task at hand without interruptions. They also have the experience and expertise to streamline the process more than you may know how to do. 

Once you know what they can achieve in an hour, you start to see how hugely beneficial they can be to your business. Not only can a Virtual Assistant take tasks off your to-do list, but they can also get them done faster than you and, often, to a much higher standard as well. 

So If you’re looking to work with a Virtual Assistant and would like to explore if we’d be a good fit for each other, why not get in touch? We can jump on a free discovery call to discuss your needs and establish what would be the best solution for you. Simply head over to my Contact page and choose the best contact option for you.