Do you provide a good standard of service to your customers? Is it something you’re proud of, or do you need to improve your customer service efforts? All businesses need to set a good standard of customer care if they want to succeed. Whether managing the clients you already have or interacting with potential new ones, the standard of service you provide will dictate whether your client base grows and existing clients become repeat customers.

It isn’t always easy to maintain good levels of customer care, if you’re running your business alone. Your time and energy often get taken up with the day-to-day running of your business as well as delivering your services. It’s then easy to take your eye off the customer service ball.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. Hiring a Virtual Assistant can be beneficial to you and your customers, as there are so many ways a VA can help improve your customer service efforts. Take a look below, as we’ve compiled a list of 15 options to help get you and your VA started.

#1: A Virtual Assistant can become your primary customer service point of contact

Whether it’s answering emails, booking appointments or dealing with general queries, your VA can handle various service-related issues on your behalf.

#2: Manage your appointments and diary

If you want to improve your customer service efforts, start with good diary management. A VA would be the ideal person to manage appointments and your diary for you.

#3: A Virtual Assistant can monitor online activities

It’s not always possible to monitor the different social media platforms, but if someone is talking about you and your business, you’ll want to know about it. So why not get your VA to monitor it all for you? That way, you can answer questions faster and move issues and complaints out of the public domain and onto a private form of communication.

#4: Manage your CRM system

If you want to get good at managing your clients, you need a CRM system. Your VA could both set this up and manage it on your behalf. This will help free up your time and let you know precisely what stage of the journey your clients are currently at.

#5: Customer research and feedback are essential if you want to improve customer service

Surveys, research and feedback, are essential for any business. So why not get your VA to compile and manage this for you? It’s a great way to discover areas to improve and potential future offerings you could create.

#6: Client follow-up and satisfaction surveys

Your clients want to feel valued and noticed by you, even when they’ve finished with your services. Your VA could help make this happen by creating and sending out satisfaction surveys during and after your programs and also follow-up with clients to see how they’re getting on.

#7: Client testimonials are valuable material for improving your levels of customer service

This is another area your VA can help improve. It’s so easy to forget to ask for testimonials, but if your VA is always following up and surveying your clients, it’s easy for them to also ask for client testimonials too.

#8: A VA can handle your onboarding process for you

A VA can help manage your onboarding process for you. They could book calls and send out the necessary paperwork, but they can also set up an automated process for it too.

#9: Handle client queries to improve your customer service

Whether you’re being emailed questions, called or DM’d, your Virtual Assistant can handle basic client queries for you. They could then refer to you anything that needs your direct attention.

#10: Follow up with previous clients

This can take several forms – from phone calls and DMs’ through to emailed newsletters and automations.

#11: Document your processes to streamline everything

You can’t improve your systems and processes until you know what they are. A VA could document them all for you. They can then check what needs improvement, deleting or automating.

#12: A Virtual Assistant can create automated workflows for you

If you want to improve your business and cut down time, you want to automate as many workflows as you can. A VA can help set these up for you.

#13: Improve your customer service by letting your VA respond to live chat queries

If you have live chat facilities on your website, you’ll want to respond as soon as possible. Your VA could manage this for you and set up automated Q&A options for the most commonly asked questions.

#14: Handle your back office administration so you can spend more time with your clients

If you’d rather deal with customers yourself, a VA can still help improve your customer service efforts. How? By dealing with the back office or day-to-day administration within your business.

#15: Engage with potential clients via DM and social media

Customer service isn’t something that is reserved for your existing customers. You also need to be providing good levels of care to your potential clients too. Usually, this involves engagement on social media and via direct messaging. So why not get your VA to handle this for you? It’s a great way to free up your time and overtime, your VA will know your business well enough to help recommend the right products and services to potential clients.

There are so many ways a Virtual Assistant can help improve your customer service efforts. Start with the 15 ideas above, and you’ll immediately start seeing an improvement in your business and the satisfaction rates of your customers.

If you’re looking to hire a Virtual Assistant to help improve your customer service efforts or manage your back office so you can spend more time with your clients, why not get in touch? We can answer any questions you may have about working with a VA and discuss potential solutions to help your business move forward. So book a call today – you’ll find our contact information here.