Like all business owners, I am excited about the new year ahead but I would love your help to keep me accountable this year!

My attempts at blogging last year were pitiful. I managed to post one blog! Prior to posting that one, I even had the cheek to write a blog post about the importance of having a blog!

One of the reasons for my lack of posts was a result of my business growing. Great news you would think? It was wonderful. However, I fell into the same trap that many small business owners often do. I started spending all my time working in my business and not so much time working on my business.

The other reason for my lack of visibility was and still is fear! Whenever I did find the time to sit down to draft a blog or a social media post, I would procrastinate big time or get lost down rabbit holes on the web in the name of research! This usually lead to overwhelm, at which point I would give up. I’ve lost count of the number of times this happened.

What has changed, I hear you ask! Well, deep down I know that if I really want to have the business and life that I dream off, the one that sits on my vision board, then I have to face those fears and quite simply find my voice and get on and just do it.

I am without doubt an introvert, so anything that involves being visible in any way scares the living daylights out of me. I would much rather stay home, hide under the duvet with a good book and let the rest of the world get on with it!

However, that is not going to bring about business growth. It is not going to bring about increased self-esteem and a life that I love and am proud to have created for myself.

So, this year is not only going to be about staying accountable but also being brave and facing those fears! In that vein, I’ve put pen to this proverbial piece of paper and am sharing this with you today!

This year, I undertake to publish a new blog post twice a month. There I have said it publicly now, so you will have to keep me accountable. If you could find the time to send me some comments and feedback too, that would be really appreciated and would really help me to stay on track.

During the first half of the year, I plan to take you the coach, entrepreneur or small business owner on a journey through all the various stages of deciding when to get started with outsourcing all the way through to how to find the right Virtual Assistant and how to make them an integral part of your team to help you build the business that you dream of too!

The second half of the year is still in the planning stages but will more than likely be focused on tips and tricks around organisation and business growth. If there are any particular topics you would like me to cover, I am all about helping other business owners, so do please share your suggestions in the comments box below.

Hey, that’s the first blog drafted for the year and actually that was not too difficult. I’m off to start drafting number two while I am still in flow! Before I do, I would like to wish you an amazing start to this new year and new decade. Let’s all make it a year to be proud of!