Working with us

So how does it work you may ask!

Following a consultation and once we have determined how we can best assist you, we will provide you with a customised quotation offering you either a competitive hourly rate or a package, whichever best meets your needs.

Hourly Rates and Packages

Clients often decide to start off on an hour-by-hour basis (Ad hoc/Pay as you Go) before opting for one of our monthly retainer packages. This gives clients a chance to try out our services, see if we are a good fit for their business and allows them to ease in gently to delegating tasks!

Monthly retainer packages are based on 10, 20 or 40 hours support per month. They are payable in advance each month and ensure that we have the time for you booked into our schedules. They are great for businesses who know exactly what tasks they want help with and are ready for regular support on day by day or week by week basis, for example a 20 hour retainer contract, could average out at approximately 1 hours support per working day.

Our packages are flexible and can be adjusted from month to month depending on your needs.

Questions to ask a potential Virtual Assistant before hiring

Still not sure!

Here are some answers to questions we regularly get asked. However, if you don’t find the answer to your particular question below, then do not hesitate to book a discover call with me.


Are there any other costs?
We take care of all our own overheads, taxes, insurances etc so you only have to pay for the hours worked. You don’t have any recruitment costs, holiday pay or sick leave to pay either.
How do you track your time?
We track our time by the minute, so if a task takes 20 minutes you get charged for 20 minutes. There is no rounding up, or minimum charges.
What are your payment terms
For Ad hoc/Pay as you Go Services, payment terms are 15 days. For monthly retainer packages, payment is monthly in advance.
What happens if I don’t use all the hours in my monthly retainer package?
Any hours that are not used at the end of the month will be carried forward to the next month (limited to 10% of the total package hours). Any hours carried forward much be used during the second month or are forfeited.
Is there a contract in place?

Yes, you will be sent a contract to sign before we start working together which contains details of our terms of business. However, you can terminate this at any time by giving one months’ notice in writing.

What about confidentiality?
The success of our business is dependent on our reputation and our clients being able to trust us. We are all experienced Assistants, used to working with sensitive information, ensuring discretion and confidentiality.

This is covered in our terms of business, but we are also happy to sign a Non Disclosure Agreement too if required.

We are GDPR compliant and take security of information seriously. We use online password systems to keep passwords safe, store information securely (both physical and online) and do our utmost to ensure our systems are kept updated and virus free.

Questions to ask a potential Virtual Assistant before hiring