Hiring a Virtual Assistant is a big step for any business owner. And handing over tasks to a VA and deciding what tasks to hand over can also be a daunting prospect. But no matter whether you’re a coach or trainer, there’s one area you may not have thought about: getting help with your website.

There are so many different ways a Virtual Assistant can help with your website! So if you’re wondering what types of website tasks you can outsource to your VA, here’s a quick breakdown of 5 simple ways your VA can help you out.

#1: Your Virtual Assistant can write your blogs

This is perfect if you’re an ideas person! You can come up with your blog post ideas and even a summary or overview, then hand them over to your Virtual Assistant to finish. This works incredibly well with simple numbered or bulleted lists, simple step processes and roundup posts.

#2: A VA can help with your website by creating simple opt-in and sales pages

Most websites will have a simple page creation process, so why not get your Virtual Assistant to create pages for you? Sales and opt-in pages follow a standard logical layout and are often uniform across your site. Often your VA can use the information you provide and existing information on your site to create these pages for you. And if you’re using a copywriter, your VA can set up the pages and add the copy as needed.

#3: Hand over the maintenance of your website to your VA

No matter what platform you’re using for your website, there will be maintenance tasks that need completing. Again, this is something your Virtual Assistant can carry out for you. Typically, this can include WordPress updates, pricing and offer updates, and switching out old images and branding as needed.

#4: Managing contact and enquiries

Most business websites will have at least one way visitors can contact you. Whether you opt for a live chatbot or standard email contact form, you want to respond as quickly as possible to any enquiries you have. So why not get your VA to manage this for you? You can set up a central email address for your VA to manage or add them as admin to your chatbot, whichever is easier for you.

#5: A VA can help with your website by proofreading and checking your site

Checking the links on your website is just one of the many tasks a VA can complete for you within an hour. Links can change and get broken over time, so they must be checked regularly. Whilst proofreading is something that can take longer to do; it’s yet another website task your VA can take off your to-do list.

BONUS #6: Set up automated processes on your website

It’s essential that your website has automated processes set up. Not only will this save you time, but it also helps to streamline your website and customer flow through your site. This will enable you to provide a better experience for your website visitors. 

Your Virtual Assistant can implement automated processes like setting up automated lead generation, abandoned cart reminders, calendar integration, and automated checkout processes. Have a read of ‘How to get started using automation in your business’ for more information on the different automations you can use.

There are so many different ways a Virtual Assistant can help you with your business, and the above 5 suggestions are just the starting point. Why not reach out if you’d like to explore how a VA can help you with your website and business? We can have an informal chat to discuss your situation and the best potential solutions for you. You’ll find our contact details here.