Knowing that you’ve just hired a Virtual Assistant can be a really exciting moment for you. You know that your business is about to improve, and it’s the perfect opportunity to now step up and go for those bigger dreams you have. But once you’ve settled down, you may be wondering what exactly you need to do, to make the most of working with a Virtual Assistant. If that’s where you’re currently at, never fear! Here’s how you can work effectively with your Virtual Assistant to help make the relationship a fruitful one.

Provide your Virtual Assistant with clear instructions, if you want to work effectively with them

It starts with you giving your VA clear instructions! This includes letting them know what the task is, how you’d like the end results to look, along with any deadlines you have. If you want a specific tool, strategy or workflow followed, explain this to them. Also, if you aren’t bothered how they reach the end result you want – tell them that too! It gives them the freedom to be creative and find the best solution for you.

Let them know you’re available for questions

No matter how new or established your relationship is, if you want to work effectively with your Virtual Assistant, let them know it’s safe to ask questions. And when they come to you with questions, make sure you give them the time and patience needed, to get answers.

Opt for regular check-ins 

By regularly connecting with your VA, you’re helping them feel part of the team. It also gives you both the opportunity to share constructive feedback, concerns, and to check if there’s anything you can do, to work effectively with each other. So opt for regular weekly check-ins, either by phone or email, as well as quarterly review calls.

If you want to work effectively with your Virtual Assistant, share pertinent information

A VA can only do a good job if they have all the information to hand. So if you’re looking to promote anything shortly, have launch campaigns planned, or are looking to make changes to anything in your business, let them know. It’s better to overshare than to not give enough information. 

Give your Virtual Assistant space to do their job

And finally, don’t micromanage the work you hand over to a VA. Give them all the information they need, be realistic about your deadlines and then step back and let them get on with the work. Trust that they will ask questions if needed and will reach out if they need your input.

You hired a Virtual Assistant to help free up your time so you can grow your business and focus on what you need. If you want to work effectively with your Virtual Assistant, follow the advice above. Use it to help you build a great working relationship with someone who wants to help your business succeed as much as you do.

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