Hiring a Virtual Assistant (VA) is a big move for many business owners. You’re practical enough to know you need to get some help in, if you want your business to grow. But equally important, you want someone who is actually going to care about your business. After all, how can they do a good job, if they don’t? 

If you want the person you hire to care about your business, you need to take the time to show them why. Here are the steps you need to take, to help make that happen.

Share your goals with your Virtual Assistant

If you want your VA to care about your business, share your plans with them. Let them know what you’re aiming for, the big goals you have in mind and how they impact positively on them. And you never know, when you share your goal with them, they may be able to help you get there faster and/or smarter.

Help them understand why they should care

When you share your ethics and values with your customers, you give them something to connect to and care about. It’s no different with your VA. Share what you’re passionate about. Share why those things matter to you. And if you want to help them see why they should care to, share your vision with them.

Show your Virtual Assistant how they fit into your business

A Virtual Assistant can read about you and your business on your website. They may even care about your values and agree with them. But if you want them to care about your business, you need to make them a part of it. 

As mentioned above, that includes showing them why they matter, where they fit into it all and the part they’re playing, in your business. Show your VA what they’re helping you achieve and how much you value their input in your business. Let them know that you care, respect and value them – and in return, they’re more likely to care, respect and value you.

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