During the last two years so much has changed for us all. But difficult times can help us learn so much about ourselves. And it was no different this year. Did you find yourself honouring your priorities more as more lockdowns were put into place? And how about now, as restrictions have changed (and in some instances) been lifted? 

As the year passed, how are those priorities looking? Are you still honouring your priorities, or did things take a slide backwards?

We learnt what was really important 

We tend to find our resilience and strength in difficult times. Lockdown and the past two years have all helped us see that we can adapt to most situations. And we also found what was truly important to us. 

As I shared in my 7 lessons we’ve learnt this year blog at the beginning of this year, things like travel, remote working, nature and family were so important to us all. Resolutions were made to make those things a priority moving forward.

Are you still honouring your priorities?

So how about you? What were your priorities? Did you want to spend more time with your family, or did you want to focus more on working from home? How about your health and mental wellbeing? Were you wanting to make self-care and exercise a priority, taking time to journal daily or going to the gym several times a week?

And how has that worked out for you? Are you still honouring those priorities, or did they slip by the wayside as the year went on?

Reverting back is always an option

Because it is sometimes easier to slip back into old routines and mindset habits but is that what you want? Many people were talking about getting back to normality, but will that enable you to honour what’s important to you?

What can you implement to start honouring your priorities?

Or is there a better way of doing things and honouring what you value? Because it’s never too late to start honouring your priorities. You may have let them slide, but you can decide to act on them now. 

So what do you need to do to make that happen? What do you need to implement? Would hiring a Virtual Assistant help you free up your time for your priorities? If you created a better work schedule or planned your week out in advance, would you feel less overwhelmed? Or do you need to make a hard decision over something to make it your new reality?

Because life is always going to be an up and down journey. COVID, lockdown and restrictions are still impacting our lives and will probably continue doing so for some time. So all you can do is get clear on what is important to you and honour those things moving forward. Do what’s needed to improve your life, implement your priorities and bring more happiness into your life – regardless of what’s going on in the world around you.

And if you are looking into hiring a Virtual Assistant to help free up your time for your priorities, do get in touch! You’ll find all my contact details here.