Ask any entrepreneur to list what their biggest challenges are and productivity will definitely be high on that list. Many entrepreneurs want productivity tips to help squeeze more into their working day, and I’m sure you’re no different. But if you want to get more productive, it isn’t always a case of being more disciplined or carving out more hours – sometimes the solution is a little more simple than that.

5 Productivity tips to help you save time and transform your week

If you’re looking to save yourself time, get more done and generally transform your working week, here are some simple productivity tips to consider.

Productivity tips 101: Do you like what you do?

One of our top productivity tips for you – it doesn’t matter how well you organise and plan out your day, if you don’t like what you’re doing, you are still going to have a problem. 

To solve it may mean you have to do a little workaround why you’re resisting a task. It could mean acknowledging that you need to change what you do for a living. And sometimes, it may be a sign that you need to stop doing it all alone and start outsourcing some of those tasks on your list.

Tip #2: Remove those non-essential tasks from your day

This isn’t one of those productivity tips about outsourcing (although that is a good option for tasks that do need doing!). This is more about eliminating distractions and minimising the frequency of others. 

Take scrolling on social media as an example, or checking your emails. They’re both tasks that need to be done, but you can easily limit how often you do them each day. Another good example is notifications. That little notification reminder that rings and pops up just serves as a distraction – so turn it off. 

Tip #3: Start your day right

You don’t have to get up super early if that’s not the best time of day for you – but you do need to start your day organised. Spend a few minutes planning out your day and getting clear on your to-do list

It’s also beneficial to have a morning routine that suits your needs too. Whether that’s meditating, going for a walk, or reading an inspirational book – doing the same things each day helps mentally, physically and emotionally prepare you for the day ahead.

Tip #4: Work to time limits

We tend to work well to deadlines. The problem is, due to ‘Parkinsons’ Law’, our work will expand to fill our available time slot. That’s why, if you set yourself a goal of achieving a task ‘during the month’ it will often take that month – set yourself a week, and it will take a week.

Set yourself a stricter time goal for your tasks. You’ll find yourself more likely to focus on them and achieve them, in a shorter amount of time.

Tip #5: Batch your tasks

When you batch tasks together, you minimise the amount of time and effort each task takes. Switching between apps and tools loses you valuable seconds and swapping between the different types of task will too. 

Look to batch like with like. When you check your emails, use that time to also send any emails you need to write. If you need to create a graphic, create all the graphics you need. And if you’re recording videos, record several. You’ll be surprised at how much this can save you time and improve your levels of productivity.

Ask any entrepreneur to list what their biggest challenges are and productivity will definitely be high on that list. By following the 5 tips above, you’ll help save yourself valuable time and ultimately, transform your working week.

And if you’re looking to outsource some of those tasks on your list, why not get in touch? Let’s have a conversation and see how we can help you free up even more time and get those tasks you dislike doing, off your to-do list!