When you start looking into working with a Virtual Assistant, you can’t help but notice that fees are usually broken down into two options. There’s usually a monthly retainer rate and an ad-hoc rate. But it may surprise you to know that, unlike other Virtual Assistants, I actually recommend you opt for the ad-hoc rate initially. Here’s why I think a monthly retainer package isn’t always a good idea for you or your Virtual Assistant.

Ad-hoc work is a great starting point

There’s no doubt about it; retainer packages are going to save you money. But working on an ad-hoc basis with a Virtual Assistant can be a more comfortable starting point for you, especially if you’re just starting out. 

You may need to ease into outsourcing or discover if a VA is suitable for you (or the right VA!).[Check out: How to find the right Virtual Assistant for you and your business if you need a little help with this!]

 It’s better to start small and see if you gel with each other first before tying yourself into a set retainer package. 

You’re not sure how much help you need right now

When you first work with a Virtual Assistant, you may not know what you want. You may think a VA is right for you, only to find you need someone who specialises in a different skill set. 

Another area you may be unsure of is how many hours you need support for. When you work initially on an ad-hoc basis, you give yourself time to get clear on that.

If you’re worried that you won’t have enough tasks to outsource to a Virtual Assistant, never fear! There’s so much a Virtual Assistant can do for you. Take a look at What kind of tasks can a coach delegate to a Virtual Assistant? for some ideas to get you started.

A monthly retainer package can be a scary commitment

Commitment can be scary. It’s not just about committing to working with one particular person; there’s also the financial commitment you’re taking on.

So, unlike many other VAs, I actually prefer to work with new clients on an ad-hoc basis first. It gives us both time to clarify how we can work best together, the type of tasks I can help you with, and even if we’re a good fit. 

Many clients are initially nervous about outsourcing, and that’s totally understandable. If that’s you, check out How to get over your fear of delegating

If you are ready to start working with a VA and are clear on what you want them to do, a monthly retainer package may be perfect for your needs. However, working with a Virtual Assistant is a big decision for many business owners, and I think committing to a retainer package right from the start can add more pressure. It’s far better to opt for an ad-hoc rate and give both client and VA time to settle into the new relationship, with a minimum of fuss and stress.

If you would like to know more about working with a Virtual Assistant or have further questions about working with a Virtual Assistant, why not book yourself in for a free discovery call? We can have an informal chat and explore how I can help your business and your options for getting started. You can contact me in several ways – you’ll find all the details over on my contact page.