As a busy professional, taking time away from your business can be difficult. You want to enjoy time with your family and generally switch off, but there’s also the worry that you’re going to need to play catch up once you’re back. That’s why it’s such a good idea to know what tasks your Virtual Assistant can do when you’re on holiday.

But if you’re wondering what sort of tasks exactly you can hand over to your Virtual Assistant whilst you’re away, keep reading!

Your business doesn’t need to stop when you do

The beauty of having a Virtual Assistant is that they don’t need to down tools when you do. They can cover the essentials, carry out maintenance, and even improve your business for you whilst you’re away. This means you can relax, safe in the knowledge that you won’t have a significant backlog of work to catch up on once your holiday is over.

Business tasks your Virtual Assistant can do when you’re on holiday

There are so many tasks your Virtual Assistant can carry out within your business whilst you’re away. This can include their usual workload, but also think about adding in the types of routine maintenance and annual tasks, as well as those things that could cut down on your post-holiday to-do list. Tasks such as:

  • Checking your email
  • Handing your business post
  • Taking customer service calls
  • Keep your social media accounts active and engaged
  • Updating systems and processes
  • Archiving and filing documents
  • Setting up new social media accounts – how to drop the overwhelm around social media
  • Tidy out your inbox
  • Project managing your next big project or launch
  • Travel arrangements for upcoming events 

Personal tasks your Virtual Assistant can do when you’re on holiday

But don’t just limit their task list to those business activities. A Virtual Assistant can often provide you with lifestyle support too. There are so many personal tasks they can accomplish whilst you’re away. These tasks can include:

  • Watering your houseplants
  • Emptying the postbox
  • Paying bills
  • Sourcing tradespeople for you
  • Project managing your house refurbishment, redecoration, clean etc
  • Booking appointments for when you return
  • Organising your paperwork and filing
  • Setting up joint family calendars
  • Online selling of unwanted items
  • Party and event organisation

Your business doesn’t have to stop when you go on holiday. As a busy professional, it can sometimes feel like you have to choose between the two, but you really don’t have to. You can enjoy your time away whilst your Virtual Assistant keeps things organised and ticking over for you until your return. So if you’re planning on a family break away this year, why not start thinking about what tasks your Virtual Assistant can do when you’re on holiday!

If you’d like to explore this further and see if I’m the right VA for you, why not get in touch? We can discuss your needs and decide what’s the best solution for you. So reach out, book a free discovery call and let’s talk!