It’s getting quite well-known now that a Virtual Assistant is someone who can help you in your business life. To date, most of my blogs have backed this up, as they have been about business-related topics. But what you might not know is that I also provide Lifestyle PA support too! 

Have you ever seen the film ‘I Don’t Know How She Does It’ with Sarah Jessica Parker?  There’s a scene where she is lying in bed and going through her To-Do list which appears on the wall. Sound familiar? Do you feel like your To-Do is something that’s constantly on your back – regardless of whether you’re at work or home?

What is Lifestyle PA support?

A Virtual Assistant is already great at organising your business life. But they can also transfer those skills to help you manage your personal life too. Because we all know, when you work for yourself, it can be really difficult to manage juggling them both together! 

With Lifestyle PA support you get help with clearing those tasks that alleviate the stress associated with managing and maintaining both. You want to stop working once your day is over, so you can relax. But when you work for yourself, you can easily find yourself working harder once you’re at home, as you juggle those tasks that need doing to maintain a healthy and happy home life. Lifestyle PA support gives you an extra pair of hands so those tasks can get completed – without you having to waste your time on them yourself.

How Lifestyle support can help you

As an experienced Virtual Assistant I am well versed in handling both your business and personal-related tasks. Here are a few examples of how I can help you on the personal side of your life:

  • Organising your paperwork and setting up a filing system.
  • Paying bills.
  • Sorting & sending your medical bills to the CNS and your insurance company (if you live in Luxembourg you will understand that one and know the time that it takes up too!).
  • Ordering/buying gifts and arranging delivery.
  • Finding tradespeople to do all those little jobs around the house that need doing, or sourcing a new cleaner, finding a gardener. 
  • Booking your appointments (hairdresser, tyre change, car MOT etc).
  • Researching trips and booking travel (in non-Covid times).

Why get support for your personal life?

As you can see, having Lifestyle PA support enables you to focus on those areas where your expertise is needed. You can do this, safe in the knowledge that your personal-related tasks are still being handled in a highly efficient manner and to the highest of standards.

If you’re looking to start 2021 off on the right foot, why not explore how Lifestyle PA support can help you achieve this? You can simply get in touch here. Together, we can discuss your requirements and establish how best to proceed, to ensure you have the right style of business and professional support in place to make 2021 the success you have planned.