Time is valuable for every business owner; it’s why so many are looking at how a Virtual Assistant can help them as they grow. There are so many tasks that need your attention, and, as an online coach or trainer, it’s crucial you keep your time free for client work. 

So if you’re looking to free up your time and get those tasks done, why not look at how a Virtual Assistant can support your business? Here are fifteen different ways they can help.

#1: A Virtual Assistant can manage all of your emails on your behalf

Not only can they set up filters and folders, but they can also answer emails on your behalf too – and then simply forward any that need your special attention.

#2: Online and offline events

Whether you’re running an online or offline event, a Virtual Assistant can help you massively. From setting up the event to marketing it and following up afterwards, they can help take a load of tasks off your plate.

#3: Customer research and feedback

A Virtual Assistant can carry out customer research and feedback for you. So if you want to send your list a survey, ask existing clients for feedback or need to find additional spaces where your ideal clients are hanging out, why not let your VA do these tasks for you?

#4: Client follow-up is something else your Virtual Assistant can manage on your behalf

They can set up automations to do this for you and answer ad-hoc questions and send out feedback forms as needed.

#5: Your VA can manage your email list

Your email list is something else a Virtual Assistant can set up and manage for you. Whether sending emails or creating automated sequences, it’s another task you can hand over to a VA.

#6: Keeping your blog updated

It’s something that can take a lot of your time. But your VA can jump in and help with a lot of those business blog tasks. So why not ask them to create, schedule and repurpose your blog posts for you?

#7: Create and schedule content

As an online coach or trainer, you need a visible presence online, but again, it takes time to do. So get your VA to manage your social media content creation and scheduling for you.

#8: Landing pages and opt-in forms

For each new offer or freebie you create, you will need a landing page and opt-in forms. Your Virtual Assistant will happily make these for you too!

#9: Business automations

Your Virtual Assistant can set up the various automations your business needs to function well. Whether sending invoices and receipts for payments received or automatically adding a new client to your CRM system, it’s all something a VA can manage.

#10: Website updates can be passed to your Virtual Assistant

Are you keeping your website up-to-date? Why not give your VA access and let them manage your business website for you?

#11: Creating lead magnets and content upgrades

It is another task that can eat into your time, so let your VA handle it! You can come up with an idea and an overview; they can create it and make it look great in Canva!

#12: Workbooks and course content

It’s the same with your workbooks and course content. Come up with the initial idea, and then either bullet point the things you want to cover or write the content yourself. You can then let your VA work their magic in Canva to make it look upload ready.

#13: A Virtual Assistant can handle your social media

Social media can be such a time suck, so why not get your VA to manage it on your behalf? They can schedule posts, look after your business page, keep it updated and engage with followers.

#14: A Virtual Assistant can respond to client queries

Customer service is an area your Virtual Assistant can help you shine. Let them respond to client queries and handle those generic requests you get.

#15: Evergreen webinars

Evergreen webinars are something a VA can set up for you. They can even integrate it with your automated emails too!

If you’re an online coach or trainer and would like to explore how we can help free up your time, why not get in touch? We’re a dedicated team of VAs passionate about providing you with the support you need to build and grow your business. So why not reach out and let’s chat about how we can potentially help you – you’ll find our contact information here.