Do you have a good morning routine in place? It’s one of the best ways to reduce stress and overwhelm and help mentally prepare you for the day ahead. When you start your morning right, you feel more productive and positive and more in control.

Yet so many business owners struggle to get a good morning routine in place! And if you don’t start your day well, you’ll struggle to prioritise your time and energy adequately, plus it’ll put a downer on your entire day.

So how do you create a good morning routine? Start by knowing there is no set routine that is right for everyone. You have to go with what is right for you and create a pattern that considers the natural ebb and flow of your energy levels throughout the day. Once you know this, you can use the following tips to create a good morning routine that works for you.

#1: Decide on your start time and stick with it

Start by establishing how much sleep you need to function well the next day. You can then decide on a suitable time to get out of bed and start work. And don’t hit that snooze button, nor delay or change your times. Commit to them and make those start times your new habit.

#2: Avoid screens first thing in the morning

No matter what morning routine you create, give yourself at least the first hour without screens. This enables you to be present, do what you need, and get in the right headspace for the day ahead without outside influences.

#3: Know what you need to start your morning routine right

This is something that varies too. Some people prefer a quiet morning, including meditation and journaling, whilst others may like to sit outside and write out their gratitude lists. But know that everyone needs some form of movement, food and hydration to start the day well.

#4: Be inspired as part of your morning routine

Allow yourself time to read or watch something inspirational, even if it’s just for five minutes at the start of your day. Quotes, affirmations, poems and inspirational or self-help books can all help inspire and motivate you in a concise space of time.

#5: Dress the part

Never underestimate the importance of dressing for work. This doesn’t have to mean business suits, smart footwear, and makeup, but it means having an outfit you change into before starting work. Again, it’s about setting the routine and shifting your mindset into work mode to get focused for the day ahead.

#6: Focus your mind and clarify your intentions

You can then look to write out your to-do list and goals for the day. Set those intentions and mentally prepare yourself for how your day will look. If you like visualisation, you can include a couple of moments to visualise yourself achieving everything on your list. But when you’re setting your goals, make your biggest one your priority – you’ll feel like you’ve accomplished more if you do. [And if you need a little help with your to-do list management, check out ‘How to stop stressing over your to-do list’.]

#7: Stick with your morning routine for at least 30 days

Once you’ve established your routine, decide to stick with it for at least 30 days. You want it to become routine for you – and for that to happen, you need to give yourself time to settle into it.

But if you’re struggling with an overflowing to-do list or overwhelm is an issue for you, check out ‘5 things business owners can do to stop feeling overwhelmed’. It will give you some practical tips to help ease your workload and ease your mind.

And once you’ve created a good morning routine that works for you, if you decide that you want some help freeing up your time and to-do list, reach out and book a discovery call. We can discuss how working with a Virtual Assistant can help you claim back your time and free you to focus on those things that are important to you.