Are you wondering how to regain your focus and get back on track? September is often seen as a fresh, new year in business, especially for parents. There’s been the summer break, and you’ve probably spent some of that time with the family, away from the pressures of work. Coming back to work and getting focused back on your path can feel a little daunting.

There are so many things that can knock you off track in business. A launch that doesn’t go well, a lack of clients, and even that much-wanted break, can make you lose focus and go off track. So here are seven easy ways to help yourself regain focus and get back on track again.

#1: Develop a focusing routine for yourself 

It doesn’t have to be elaborate, but it must be a habit you repeat and do before you start work. It could be meditation, deep breathing, visualisation, writing your top 5 goals, or wearing a specific thing. Develop a routine that helps you get into the headspace for starting work at the beginning of each day.

#2: Ensure you remove all distractions

Distractions can really play havoc with your focus. So look to eliminate as many as you can. You can’t plan for every distraction that may arise, but you can be proactive about removing those you know about. So close those tabs, shut off notifications, put a ‘Do not disturb’ note on the door and switch off your telephone, the doorbell and your mobile! 

#3: Make use of time blocking if you want to regain focus

There are many different ways you can claim back your time – and time blocking is one of them. The Pomodoro method is a popular one, where you set aside 25-minutes of quiet time to work on a specific task. You then take a 5-minute break before starting a new 25-minute block.

#4: Stop multitasking

Focus on one thing at a time and stay with it until you’ve either finished the task or finished the time slot. It’s one of the tips within the blog post How to manage your to-do list, so it’s no longer managing you! When you focus on just one task at a time, you give it your undivided attention and complete it to a much higher standard. Give your tasks the attention they deserve – stop multitasking!

#5: Set yourself a daily goal

It’s also worth setting yourself a daily goal. This is the one non-negotiable thing you want to get done that will make you feel like your day was a total accomplishment. It doesn’t have to be big, but it does have to feel special.

#6: If you want to regain focus, take regular breaks

And yes, naps count! It’s often the one most overlooked thing when it comes to regaining focus and getting back on track. Take frequent breaks throughout your day. Have a decent lunch break. Finish work when your working day is over. Breaks are essential for your productivity and your health.

#7: Reward yourself

Get comfortable with rewarding yourself. Not just for goal achievement but also progress made. Because it isn’t just the completion of a big project or reaching a certain income level that deserves a celebration. Celebrate everything you accomplish in business – whether it’s sticking to your schedule, making a social media post, or calling a warm lead.

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