How easy is your client onboarding process for your client to complete? Your onboarding process must set a precedent for working with you. It shows the client what to expect at the start of your working relationship and the expectation moving forward. So it needs to demonstrate how organised you are and the standard you expect your client to adhere to. But to achieve those things, it also needs to be a simple process for your client to go through.

Your onboarding process also helps you and your client understand each other better. You need to know what drives your client and the goals they want to achieve through working with you, whilst your client needs to understand what they’re paying for and how you will help them achieve those goals. So it also needs to gather the information you need simply and effectively.

So if you’re looking for ways to simplify your client onboarding process, here are five things to consider.

#1: Create a workflow 

You can’t simplify your client onboarding process until you understand exactly what steps are involved. So review your process and map out what needs to be done at every stage. You can then look at what can be cut and what needs to be added to make it a more straightforward process.

#2: Build transparency into your client onboarding process

Also, look to build transparency into your onboarding process. This includes setting transparent pricing that also sets out expectations and what’s covered, as this will help alleviate scope creep

#3: Only ask for the information you need

If you want to simplify your onboarding process, only ask for the necessary information. That includes the essential client information, passwords and tools you need to do the job your client is paying you for. 

#4: Create videos to make things clearer

Create a video to demonstrate anything that may need explaining in more detail. You’re then covering the verbal and visual aspects of learning. And if you add in a text breakdown, you’re covering all the different preferences.

#5: Automate your client onboarding process

Automating the onboarding process will make it more streamlined and straightforward for your client to understand. It also saves you time, as you don’t have to keep repeating things and sending and requesting the same things! It also is a great way to build transparency throughout the process – including using progress bars, percentages completed, next steps etc. If you want more help with automation, check out this blog post.

Your onboarding process is a crucial part of your client acquisition process and sets a precedent for what’s to come. So take your time to ensure you have set it up to reflect your values and standards and provide your clients with a good experience. Because you want that first impression of working with you to be a good one, one that’s going to be positive for you and your clients.

Here at Paperweight PA, we can help you create and automate your client onboarding process and provide you with customer service support options if you wish. So why not get in touch and see how we can help you simplify and streamline not just your onboarding process but your entire business? Simply book a call, and let’s have a chat! You’ll find our contact information here.