To blog or not to blog? I must confess I asked myself this question too when starting to launch my business as a Freelance Virtual Personal Assistant.

However, as I started to set up my business I soon discovered the answer to my question.

I soon realised that a blog was going to be an important tool for my building my business for several reasons.

That said, when I picked up my laptop to draft my first ever ‘weblog’, I was transported back to the 1980’s and my Higher English class.

Discussing a Shakespeare play or a poem by Yeats I was comfortable with.  However, when the assignment was an essay, faced with a blank piece of paper, I used to be lost at sea.

However, this time around sitting there with my laptop I was relieved to find that this Freelance PA had lots of ideas buzzing around her head for future blog topics.

Today we can always turn to the Internet for inspiration or to check facts too.

Blog Writing

When the phenomenon of writing a blog first became popular, I did find myself asking the question why?

Although, I soon found myself becoming very envious of those bloggers who have developed lucrative careers from blogging whilst travelling the world.

For us small business owners writing a regular blog is an important digital marketing tool.

Here are my 5 Reasons Why

1. Writing a regular blog helps your readers and potential clients get to know you and not just your business. People buy people and want to get to know you and trust you before they decide to invest in your products or services.

2. A well-written blog helps with SEO and driving traffic to your website as well as building brand awareness.

3. Blogging allows you to share your knowledge and expertise, which helps showcase your skills and again help build trust.

4. Blog writing helps with developing your creativity and ensures that you keep up to date with current trends in your industry or those of your potential clients.

5. Quite simply a blog is a cost-effective PR tool and helps keep you stay focused on your marketing strategy.

Freelance Virtual Personal Assistant

So, are you a coach, consultant or small business owner and find yourself struggling to find the time to write regular blog posts or newsletters?

Perhaps the ideas are buzzing around your head or scribbled down in notebooks.  However, you just can’t find the time to get them written up?  Or you draft them but never quite manage to schedule them to go out on your website on a regular basis?

Help is at Hand

This is one of the many tasks that you can outsource to a Freelance VA like myself.

Paperweight PA can assist by researching and drafting your blog posts. This includes coming up with suggestions for good titles and making sure you have incorporated the right keywords for good SEO optimisation.

It is important that a blog post has your own voice, so you may opt to do the actual writing yourself, or at least make some final edits to the text before it is published.

However, once the text is finalised your Virtual PA can also take care of posting the blog on your website.  They can find suitable images, as well as promoting your blog via your social media platforms in a planned, strategic and targeted manner.

As they say if “Content is King” then “Consistency is Queen”!

Don’t hesitate to contact Paperweight PA if you would like assistance with researching and scheduling your blog posts or need help with developing your social media strategy.  We are here to help!

So, to blog or not to blog? I hope I have answered that question for you!