If you want a team to gel together, you need to get them working well together and keep them motivated. But if you have a remote team, it’s even more important that you learn how to keep them motivated. Working remotely can feel very isolating and, if you’re not careful, it can get quite demoralising for your team members. And in turn, that can be bad for productivity and your bottom line.

So if you’re looking for ways to keep your remote team motivated, here’s what you need to do.

Stay connected with your remote team

If you want to keep your remote team motivated, you need to effectively manage them – and that includes staying in touch with them. Hold regular team meetings as well as reviews and check-ins. Look to hold regular meetings and, if possible, hold them via video, so they can see each other. This will help remind them that they’re not alone and are part of a bigger remote team.

Help make them feel part of your business

You can inspire and motivate your remote team by helping them feel part of your business. Share your mission statement with them, let them know what big plans and goals are in the pipeline, and remind them of the important part they play in it all. 

Recognise achievements and accomplishments

Most people work harder, when they feel appreciated. Celebrating and recognising achievements and accomplishments should be a natural part of your business, but it isn’t always something that gets carried over to the remote team members. So make a concerted effort to do so. Take the time to recognise what the team, and each individual member of it, does. Where appropriate, you could also create a reward system or similar, to help keep them motivated.

Treat them with respect

This point has quite a wide scope, covering everything from respecting their opinions and listening to their concerns, right through to paying them on time. Because, as remote team members aren’t on your payroll, it can be relatively easy to let payments run late. And no matter who the remote team member is – if they don’t get paid on time, they’re going to get demotivated! But also, appreciate the work they do for you. Honour their working hours and the amount of hours they may have set aside to work with you. Ensure you’re not taking advantage of either and aren’t being unreasonable in your expectations and deadlines.

Give your remote team members regular feedback

Finally, give your remote team members regular feedback. It helps reaffirm that you value them and notice them, but it also helps them feel part of your business. Let them know what they do well and how they can improve, as well as how they can work better as a team.

Keeping your remote team motivated is something that is an essential part of good team management. As more and more businesses are turning to remote working, It’s also an important skill for you to master, if you want your team to be an effective one and you don’t want their productivity, and your bottom line, to suffer.

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