Coming up with blog post ideas for your business isn’t always easy. You’re often too close to see the potential topics, or you’ve been writing blogs for so long that you’ve run out of ideas. It can be incredibly frustrating. You may also find you end up writing the same type of thing over and over again – and this not only gets you stuck in a rut but also turns off potential blog readers.

But there are some ideas any online business owner can write about. The following seven blog post ideas are perfect for any business, and they can also be used repeatedly without negatively impacting your readers or traffic. So why not look at each and see how you can regularly add each to your blogging calendar?

#1: The how-to blog post

If you know your ideal client, you should find this one an easy blog post to write. Think about an issue they may be facing and then provide them with the solution. This can be directly related to the service you offer or something they need to know or do before working with you. 

#2: List posts

List posts are simple and quick to create. Think of a theme and then brainstorm at least 7 things that are relevant to it. For example, your top 10 resources, websites or books, 7 secrets for something, 14 gift ideas for your ideal clients, or 25 people you recommend they follow on social media.

#3: Round-up blog 

Writing a round-up blog post is always a great idea, as it enables you to get links to and from your site. This type of post is simple to create, too – you just pick a few businesses you love or think will help your ideal clients and then write a paragraph about each. Just remember to add links to their website and main social media account and send them a quick note to let them know you’ve written about them.

#4: FAQs

When you have your own business, you’re bound to be asked so many questions about your business, how you work, your products and your journey. So why not answer them in a blog post? You could dedicate a whole blog post to it if it’s an in-depth question. Otherwise, group some FAQs and answer several in one post.

#5: Top tips post

This blog post is excellent for showcasing your expertise, and top tips posts can be great for covering all stages of the buyer’s journey. Whether you’re looking to help educate ideal clients on the issues they’re facing or explain how you work and the best solution for them, share your best advice in those posts.

#6: Problem/solution

If you know your clients well, you’ll have no problem with this blog post. Think about the issues, concerns, dreams and desires your clients have and write a blog for each one. You could then add a call to action to either check out the most suitable solution you have or download a freebie that will get them moving towards the solution they need.

#7: Client showcase

There are so many different options for you with this type of blog! Why not look to turn testimonials into blog posts? You could summarise how you worked together to reach the results gained. A couple of other options would be to write a case study or create a ‘client shout out’ post, where you showcase their business and share a link to their site.

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