How do you promote your business on social media? It’s not always easy being a smaller business online. Social media can feel a little overwhelming for many, as it can quickly eat into your time and budget. It can also cause a lot of confusion as you try to master the different platforms and figure out the best ways to promote your business. 

But social media can also give you some great visibility and promotional opportunities too.

As discussed in the recent blog, ‘How visible do you really need to be online?’, you don’t need to be online or use social media to gain visibility. But if you do decide to use social media to grow your visibility and promote your business, you need to learn how to master your chosen platform. 

Here’s a breakdown of ten simple ways you can promote yourself on social media, regardless of the platform you choose.

#1: Make use of your profile

No matter the platform, you’ll always have your profile. And this is a prime place for promotion and visibility. Start by adding a profile image of yourself – because people prefer working with a person, not a logo. 

You usually have a place to add at least one direct website link, too, so use this to drive traffic off social media and into your world. Link to your lead magnet, your latest offer, or (as popularised on Instagram) a customised page where you can show several link choices.

#2: Create a banner image to promote your business on social media

Most platforms will also have space for a banner image at the top of your profile. Again, this is a great way to showcase your products, promote your latest lead magnet or offer, or simply share your USP.

Remember that this is also something that can be updated regularly, so make sure you switch it out regularly. Not only does this help keep things fresh, but it also usually notifies your followers and fans that you’ve updated something – getting your name in front of them again!

#3: Feature your images

Images aren’t a promotional feature reserved for product-based businesses or platforms like Instagram and Pinterest. Any business can use images for promotional activities; it’s just a case of getting a little creative with your social media planning. Use images to showcase testimonials and quotes, share behind the scenes glimpses of your business and create visual reminders of the face behind your business.

#4: Create a business page to promote your business

LinkedIn and Facebook both have the facility for you to create a business page. It’s a great way to build brand awareness and a simple way to promote your business on social media. You don’t need to create new content for them either – simply use content from your other social media channels and website.

#5: Share your blog posts

A blog is a great way to get your website seen by search engines. But they’re also great content you can share on your social media accounts too. If you’re looking for simple ways to promote your business on social media, a blog is a way forward. You write it once and then repurpose it and break it into bite-sized content for your social media accounts.

#6: Be helpful on social media

No matter what platform you’re on, focus on being helpful to others. Online groups (such as those on LinkedIn and Facebook) enable you to get in front of many of your ideal clients in one place, so use that to your advantage. Take the time to answer questions and share resources to get your name noticed.  You can generally use the same philosophy across social media by paying attention to what people are saying and taking the time to respond and engage with them.

#7: Sharing reviews helps promote your business on social media

If you’ve got a good review from someone, share it on social media. Not only does it help promote your business, but it also helps create social proof – one of the biggest sales persuaders. You can share reviews in various ways, from sharing a screenshot or pasting it into a graphic through to creating a video of you talking about your client’s results. Just remember to ask permission from your client before posting!

#8: Start your own group

Another simple way to promote your business on social media is by creating your own group. Not only does this instantly position you as the expert, but it’s also an ideal way to grow a captive audience of your ideal customers. Just make sure you have a strategy in place for staying active and visible, as it’s the best way to ensure your group’s success.

#9: Switch up your content

Switching up your content is an excellent way of breathing life into your online presence. People can go a little blind when seeing the same type of content, so get a little creative here. If you’re used to creating long-form pieces of content, start intermingling them with short-form pieces. If video is your thing, why not look into podcasting or text-based content? Add behind the scenes content, images, funny memes and GIFS, and short, simple questions, polls, and requests for help.

#10: Promote your offers on social media!

Finally, if you want to promote your business on social media, promote your offers! Far too many businesses shy away from selling on their accounts due to a fear they may turn off potential customers. They often avoid selling or make their call to action points so vague, they’re missed.

But know that the people who follow you WANT to learn more about what you have to offer. They’re interested in what you do and the solutions you provide, and you’re doing them a disservice by NOT promoting your offers online.

There are many ways you can promote your business online, and the above 10 ideas will help get you started. And if you’re looking for a Virtual Assistant to help manage some of your online activity on your behalf, do reach out and let’s talk. You’ll find my contact details here.