When I tell people I engaged Sandra’s virtual / personal assistant services I add that “it is the best money I’ve ever spent on my business.” Sandra is the epitome of professional. She sees something that she could do to help me and she offers to do it. She communicates clearly and concisely. She helps in crisis situations (rescheduling my clients when I was very ill and again when I had a death in the family). She is detail-oriented and she helps me stay organized. She is creative and resourceful. She researches options to help streamline routine tasks. It doesn’t matter that she’s in Europe and I am in the United States. She communicates in a timely manner and responds with answers, completed tasks, or asks for more information. When there is a deadline, she meets it.

Entrepreneurs working from home or a small office on their own often feel like they can’t afford to spend money on VA services. If you fall into that category, if you think you shouldn’t pay someone to do something that you can do (like put your logo on a document and create letterhead and business cards or file your own email), then ask yourself what part of your business is suffering because you are slogging through admin tasks. Are you creating? Are you networking? Are you developing relationships? Are you meeting with clients? Are you planning next year’s growth or creating new offerings? Or, if you are doing that, which admin tasks are not getting done?

Engaging Sandra’s services freed me up to meet with more clients, streamline my onboarding process and worry less overall. I highly recommend you chat with her about how she might also be able to help you.